Attributes is the 'power' of your character,every level you go up,you won 4 attribute points, one is distributed automatically and the other 3 you can distributte as you wish

The attributes areEdit

Icon Mana Mana Icon Mana -the amount of mana points you have. Mages won 8 mana points for each Mana attribute, Knights got 2 mana points for each Mana attribute

Icon LevelAttack lvl Icon Level - the lvl of your attack power. It's needed to use weapons correctly or using certain spells.

Defense - the Defensive attribute, it's necessary to equip better armor pieces,plus it make you more resistant to attacks

Hitpoints - your health points. Knights get 10 health for each 1 point of the attribute, mages got 4 health for each point

Distributing your attribute pointsEdit

If you're a mage, you'll get 1 hitpoint attribute upped per lvl (that's the automatic point), and 3 to spare where you want