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"NPC" stands for "Non-Player Character". They are characters that are in specific places throughout TibiaME, and they are not controlled by a real-life human being.

A lot of NPCs in TibiaME exist for the buying and selling of Items, but not all NPCs buy and sell things. Some NPCs are in the game as part of a Quest, and others are merely for roleplaying purposes.

Free and Gold Client Towns and Cities Edit

[1] Ashmor NPCs [2] Aurea NPCs
[3] Banuna NPCs [4] Circusia NPCs
[5] Fabulara NPCs [6] GM Island NPCs
Zewus.gif Lybera NPCs [7] PvP Island NPCs
[8] Saepira NPCs [9] Solahmar NPCs
[10] St.Nivalis NPCs [11] Vargos NPCs
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