You start the game at a small island called Saepira... just talk with the first npc,get the legs in the crate (and of course,equip it ),and go down the cellar in the house

there'll be 2 bugs on it,it's gonna be easy,just go west and retrieve a seashell from the chest. Give it back to the npc and get your Light Cap

Then,go to the next npc,just talk to the other npcs and go down the stairs....3 bugs there,and when you go up,you'll find a health and a mana fluids,then,just get teleported to Aurea

Aurea - findin ZewusEdit

now the "cool" part start beggining ! you will walk around al lthe island of Lybera to find Zewus,and then talk with the brotherhood...

just go up from the boat and talk with npc Sontus, he'll talk with you and send you to Lybera (u need go down to the harbor and take the boat for's free by the way)

After you get on Lybera,go a few steps northwest and you find npc Yamusa,talk with she and she'll tell you to talk with siles,that he might know where Zewus is.

Siles tell you that you need to recover his shovel,it's down the sewers... it got around 3~4 snakes on the entire cave,but since you're lvl 2~3 it can be dangerous if you get trapped.Just kill the snakes one by one,then get the shovel from a crate on the end of the cave.Go back and talk with siles,he'll take the shovel,pay you 50 gps and give a few exp.points, then he say that he don't know where zewus is,but Jumes maybe know it

Jumes FrogsEdit

Simple task...go down the sewers and kill 10 frogs to get the hint of the npc!

you might be very weak yet,so don't get trapped...

after you kill 10 frogs and talk with Jumes again,he'll give you 23 exp points + a light magic shield,and tell you to talk with Skiron

Skiron's TreasureEdit

now,skiron give you 11 exp points,and tell you about a need to go down the cavern and retrieve the emerald to grab your reward!

you gonna face Spiders down the cave,starting going north and find the stairs leading down.There you'll find a small place with 4 switchs,and you must press they on the right position

First,press the left one,then the right one,and then the middle one,and the passage is open

after passing by that,just go by the northeast and get the emerald,now,just go back to skiron and another part of the quest is complete.Skiron will give 50 exp. points and a legs,then you get 25 gp and tell you to talk with Lupina