Warrior Weapons Edit

Here is a list of warrior weapons.

Hit Weapons Edit

Here's a list of warrior weapons that mostly deal hit (physical) damage.

Name Level Attack Dropped by
Club Club Skill 1 Hit 9 Bug
Little Sword Little sword Skill 2 Hit 12 Bug
Melee Mallet Meelee mallet Skill 5 Hit 16 Snake
Short Sword Short sword Skill 6 Hit 16 wolf
Mace Mace Skill 10 Hit 25 scorpion
Axe Axe Skill 12 Hit 30
Nunchaku Nunchaku Skill 15 Hit 2-23 Ice 10
Sword Sword Skill 16 Hit 35 bear
War Hammer War hammer Skill 18 Hit 40
Battle Axe Battle axe Skill 24 Hit 45
Sanchaku Sanchaku Skill 27 Hit 58
Hallowed Sword Hallowed sword Skill 39 Hit 95 Soul 15
Katana Katana Skill 48 Hit 10-100

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